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Hello, and welcome to AudioBull! For those of you who may have stumbled upon this page and may not have any clue how you got into that corner of the internet, never fear! This article will go in depth on what AudioBull is all about and explain its many facets!


AudioBull is a side project belonging to Dominic Misasi (hey, that’s me!) that is designed around creating a hub of post/game audio enthusiasts to discuss and share their work. All the articles and videos posted on this site are that of my own push to get myself into analyzing the audio design and implementation in film and games. For organization’s sake I will be grouping articles and videos into an episodic series format. Here are the current and planned series!


A Sound Analysis is an in depth look at various audio concepts or techniques that I find interesting. This series is wide open and can cover anything from full fledged discussions on a single audio concept to an overview of why I find something in a particular film or game interesting.


Game Jam is my dedicated series into looking at the various aspects of game audio design and implementation. This series will be a more instructional as I investigate the many concepts of game audio and audio programming.


This series is dedicated to any topics I feel like discussing that may not fall into the audio category. Anything goes here!


I will be streaming AudioBull work and miscellaneous audio work over at Twitch.tv every Sunday from 2- 6 PM US Central Time. During this stream I will also go over our Discord Server’s weekly audio challenge and introduce the new challenge. Feel free to tune in and chat with me about all things audio!


Additionally, there is an AudioBull Discord server where we talk and share audio related stuff (or anything for that matter). We hold weekly sound design challenges to keep up on practicing the craft, so if you are interested in joining a community and developing your skills, you’ve come to the right place! You can join the Discord Server Right Here!


This project is an ongoing work in progress, and will be updated and improved every week, so stay tuned and follow me at any of the links below to stay up to date on all things AudioBull!

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